Custom Icons.

Order custom-made icons in one of the already defined styles, or order a set of icons in your own unique style.

Garden $45/each

The Garden style is defined by crisp shapes and playful colours.

SweetiePlus $30/each

Icons in the SweetiePlus style are simple, shiny, and cute.

Totally Custom $50/hour

Tell me about your perfect icon set. Pick the style, sizes, and formats.

How would you describe the style that you are looking for?

Soft? Sharp? Simple? Be as descriptive as possible. Include any links to your projects that could help.

What sizes do you need?

List out the pixel sizes that you are interested in. Or indicate that you would like vector icons.

What icons are you looking for?

Don’t worry too much at this stage—let’s just get the basics down.

How can I contact you?