Defined by its crisp shapes and playful colours, the gorgeous Garden set adds a little bit of sunshine where ever you plant it.

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Garden is made up of 125 base icons, with 728 variations and action overlays.


  • 128×128
  • 64×64
  • 48×48
  • 32×32
  • 24×24
  • 16×16


  • PNG
  • ICNS
  • ICO
  • GIF
  • BMP
  • TIFF


These are the base icons included in the Garden set, shown in four of the six sizes.

Bonus: This set also includes GardenMini for free.

Preview Garden Mini

Action Overlays

  • Cancel
  • Check
  • Cross
  • Download
  • Minus
  • Pencil
  • Plus
  • Private
  • Upload

Most of the icons come with action badges, and you can make your own using the included icons without shadows.

Colour Variations

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Tan
  • Teal
  • White
  • Yellow

The following icons come with alternate colours: Document Heart, Document Star, Heart, Broken Heart, Module, Plugin, Shield, Broken Shield, Star, Tag.

Light & Dark

The Garden icons work great on light or dark backgrounds.

Looking for custom icons?

If you like this set, but need just a couple custom icons for your project, you can order them at a simple flat rate of $45 per icon.

Or, of course, I can also do a completely custom set.

Request Custom Icons

A list of the base icons: arrow direction down, arrow direction left, arrow direction right, arrow direction up, arrow go backward all, arrow go backward, arrow go forward all, arrow go forward, arrow move, arrow nav first, arrow nav last, arrow nav next, arrow nav previous, arrow nav skip first, arrow nav skip last, arrow nav skip next, arrow nav skip previous, arrow reload, arrow sync, attachment, badge solid arrow direction down, badge solid arrow direction left, badge solid arrow direction right, badge solid arrow direction up, badge solid check, badge solid cross, badge solid download, badge solid info, badge solid minus, badge solid plus, badge solid private, badge solid question, badge solid upload, book address, book bookmark, book settings, book, calendar date, calendar month, cancel, chart bar, chart pie, check, clock, colors, cross, document attachment, document chart bar, document chart pie, document clock, document heart red, document image abstract embedded, document image abstract, document image embedded, document image, document note quaver, document person business, document person female, document person male, document person, document plain, document rss, document settings, document star gold, document sticky, documents, email forward, email open letter, email open paper in, email open paper out, email open paper, email open, email reply all, email reply, email, floppydisk, heart red broken, heart red, image abstract, image, images abstract, images, key pencil, key, lightbulb off, lightbulb on, lock locked, lock unlocked, minus, module purple, note beam, note quaver, pencil, person business, person female, person male, person, phone, plugin purple, plugins, plus, polaroid abstract, polaroid, polaroids abstract, polaroids, printer, quickview, rss, search, settings, shield blue broken, shield blue, signal, star gold, stop, tag black, tag string, target, terminal, wand, warning, yield, zoom actual, zoom in, zoom out