Taking key icons from the Garden set, GardenMini uses advanced science to shrink them down to microscopic sizes. Microscope not included.

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GardenMini is made up of 57 base icons, with 51 variations.


  • 12×12
  • 10×10


  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP


These are the icons included in the GardenMini set, shown in both mini sizes.

Note: This set is included in the full Garden set for free.

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Usage Example

These mini icons are great for making meta-data stand out, or on buttons.

A list of the icons: arrow direction down, arrow direction left, arrow direction right, arrow direction up, arrow go backward all, arrow go backward, arrow go forward all, arrow go forward, arrow move, arrow nav first, arrow nav last, arrow nav next, arrow nav previous, arrow nav skip first, arrow nav skip last, arrow nav skip next, arrow nav skip previous, arrow reload, arrow sync, attachment, badge inverted arrow direction down, badge inverted arrow direction left, badge inverted arrow direction right, badge inverted arrow direction up, badge inverted check, badge inverted cross, badge inverted download, badge inverted info, badge inverted minus, badge inverted plus, badge inverted private, badge inverted question, badge inverted upload, badge solid arrow direction down, badge solid arrow direction left, badge solid arrow direction right, badge solid arrow direction up, badge solid check, badge solid cross, badge solid download, badge solid info, badge solid minus, badge solid plus, badge solid private, badge solid question, badge solid upload, cancel, chart bar, chart pie, check, circle black, circle blue, circle green, circle purple, circle red, circle silver, circle tan, circle teal, circle white, circle yellow, clock, colors, cross, heart bronze broken, heart bronze, heart gold broken, heart gold, heart platinum broken, heart platinum, heart red broken, heart red, heart silver broken, heart silver, minus, note beam, note quaver, pencil, person business, person female, person male, person, plus, quickview, rss, star bronze gold, star bronze platinum, star bronze silver, star bronze, star gold bronze, star gold platinum, star gold silver, star gold, star platinum bronze, star platinum gold, star platinum silver, star platinum, star silver bronze, star silver gold, star silver platinum, star silver, tag black, tag blank, tag blue, tag green, tag purple, tag red, tag string, target